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Do you want your clients to pay you on time?

Fed up with chasing for late payments?

Concerned your terms and conditions aren’t fit for purpose?

If yours is among the four in ten UK businesses hampered by late payments, or you need up-to-date, bespoke terms and conditions, or you’d like an expert to look at your cashflow, or you simply want to outsource your credit control, Confident Cashflow can help.

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What we can do for you

We provide a full credit management solution and we make sure your money is in your bank account and not your clients’, by managing the risk to your cash, and helping you get paid on time.

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Our packages

  • Cashflow Programmes

    Six or three month cashflow programmes, which look at how you run your business and put credit management systems in place to keep the cash flowing in your direction.

  • Outsourced Credit Control

    Do you understand what money is owed to your business, what is overdue, and how to follow up late payments? If not, you need help with credit control.

  • Cashflow Essentials

    A pick ’n’ mix of essential cashflow tools, from cashflow forecasting and credit checks on clients, to account application forms and credit control procedure manuals.

  • Terms & Conditions

    If your terms and conditions are generic, out-of-date, or absent you could be putting your business at risk. Bespoke and current Ts & Cs will keep you covered.

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