Outsourced Credit Control

Is your invoicing more ad hoc than organised?

Do you have a handle on what money is owed to you and by whom?

Do you struggle to find time to follow up invoices, or chase late payments?

We know many businesses don’t have a credit control system – credit control may only be discussed when cashflow is poor. We also know many business owners don’t have time to follow up invoices, or chase late payments. And we know many feel uncomfortable about contacting clients and asking for debts to be settled.

If your business’s bank balance is suffering due to unpaid bills, credit control really should be high on the agenda.

This is where Confident Cashflow can help. Whether yours is a business to business, or a business to consumer organisation, with outsourced credit control, you don’t have to worry.

How we can help with your credit control

By involving Confident Cashflow, your invoicing process will be seamless and the risk of late payments reduced.

Our outsourced credit control service can be ongoing or occasional, whatever suits you and your business. If the situation requires, we can recommend debt collectors, or talk to you about invoice factoring or invoice discounting.

If you would like to discuss outsourced credit control, please get in touch with Confident Cashflow. We make sure your money is in your bank account and not in your clients’.

  • We get involved right at the beginning of the invoicing process, to minimise the chances of late payments
  • We can create a credit control system so your invoicing and follow up is organised and not ad hoc
  • We act as your agent, removing the emotional side of making that awkward phone call
  • Our professional and polite approach often leads to improved client relations.