Outsourced Credit Control

Effective credit control is crucial to the survival of any business.

Every day an invoice remains unpaid it is costing you money and exposing you to the risk of bad debt.

We know how hard it can be to get paid on time, and also how time consuming, and often stressful credit control, can be for the small business.

To find out more about the real costs of late payment read our blog on the subject.

Outsourced credit control doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. 

Our Service

We provide an experienced, proactive outsourced credit control service tailored to your business needs. Reducing your outstanding debtors, improving your cashflow and giving you back time and resources to focus on growing your business.

We understand that maintaining positive relationships with your customers is important to you. Through our service we continually strive to add to your business relationships.

We do not handle any money, payments will always be direct from the customer to you.

Why Outsource your Credit Control

Outsourcing saves you the expenses associated with an employee.

It frees up your time to focus on core business issues.

Improves your cashflow, giving you your money quicker so you can invest it back into the business.

Our 25+ years experience in credit control for a wide range of sectors.

We will always strive to act in the best interest of your business, building positive relationships with your clients, always acting legally and ethically.

Finally, our proven track record of significantly reducing debtor days therefore increasing your return on investment. As our clients have told us;

“I met Nicki via LinkedIn fairly recently and she has been a massive help to me in the business. She is organised, transparent and easy to deal with. Above all she gets clients to pay promptly and she has improved my cashflow enormously. I would recommend her highly.” Finance.Work


Unlike many other outsourced credit control services we charge a fixed fee per invoice, with a minimum monthly charge that covers up to your first five invoices. That means that no matter how many calls we need to make to get that invoice paid, you only pay the once.  We calculate fees determined by the sector and location of your customer base.

If you prefer we can look at your average monthly invoice volumes and calculate a fixed monthly fee (subject to a regular usage review) so you know exactly how much to budget for each month.

When you first consider outsourcing your credit control you may have a number of historic aged invoices that needs to be chased. There will be premium attached to any invoice that is more than 60 days overdue at the time of appointment to reflect the extra attention these will require to get paid.


Call us today on 07900 834802 to have a free, no obligation discussion on how outsourcing your credit control could work for you.