Terms and Conditions

Are you worried your Ts and Cs are out of date?

Concerned your terms and conditions don’t go far enough?

Are you, like many business owners, without any terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions are important. In fact, we can’t stress how important they are, not only for your business but for your clients and your suppliers. Terms and conditions set out clear responsibilities for you and for your clients, so there can be no misunderstanding or unpleasant surprises.

But we’ve seen businesses using contracts which have been lifted from a template, or which don’t apply to the business using them, or which are simply out of date.

All businesses should have Ts and Cs and they should be bespoke and current.

How we can help with your Ts and Cs

We start by talking to you about your business, what you do and who you want to work with. We talk to you about your risk tolerance, how you want to be paid and when you want to be paid.

Then we create a set of terms and conditions which are perfectly suited to your business.

Terms and conditions shouldn’t be left to chance. With help from Confident Cashflow, you make sure your Ts and Cs dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”. Why not get in touch for a no obligation chat.

  • We can look at your terms and conditions and advise whether they are comprehensive or whether they need changing
  • We can revise your current terms and conditions to bring them up-to-date
  • If you have no terms and conditions, we can write them from scratch.
  • "Nicki helped me by putting together a really comprehensive set of terms and conditions for me to use with my clients. She was so proactive and asked me questions that made me really think through my risks and put mitigations in place that were easy to understand (for me and my clients). She's a really down to earth, pragmatic and ethical operator. I'm really happy working with her and happily highly recommend her to others. You can trust her completely to do the right thing for you and your business."

  • "We asked Nicki for specific advice from a contractual perspective and a tricky situation to navigate. Nicki advised us firstly on what she could do, what it would cost, how quickly she could turn this work around and then met a VERY tight deadline in helping us move forward to resolution. It was such a relief to have this kind of support available and we honestly wish we had started with Nicki - I cannot recommend Nicki's services highly enough - her communication and clear requirements on what we needed to provide were outstanding - thank you for this amazing first class service!"

  • "I asked Nicki to draw up some Ts & Cs for my business and she absolutely delivered. She did her research so she could fully understand my sector, asked pertinent questions and produced Ts & Cs which are spot on. She's very professional to work with, listens and is hugely likeable. Most importantly, I now have peace of mind that I am covered for eventualities."

  • "Nicki very carefully and patiently took a look at my Ts and Cs, safe to say they were a little bit of a mess. She challenged me and made me feel confident in her knowledge and expertise.
    I know have explicit Ts and Cs that reflect my business and have complete confidence in any job going forward that these are compliant and do their correct job! I would highly recommend Nicki to anyone."

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